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House at T-Junction #1Let talk about the topic that I believe it is one of the hot question in Feng Shui world, I have been asked often by friends or someone in the forum the very same question, in fact there are so many Q & A related to this question, you also able to find a chapter or a section discussed this topic in any Feng Shui book. The question is “Is the house at T-Junction consider bad Feng Shui?

Most of the Feng Shui masters gave similar answer, there are 1. May be yes, 2. May be no, 3. Better not to buy house with such qualities. Generally they based on following criteria(s) to determine the house is in bad Feng Shui if:

  1. Traffic flow is heavy
  2. The incoming road is long
  3. The road is direct hit to the Main Door

Then, they will gives almost similar “remedies” to fix the bad Feng Shui at T-Junction:

  1. Hang a BaGua Mirror on top of the Main Door
  2. Plant some trees/shrubs to dissipate Sha Qi
  3. Build wall/ fencing to block incoming Qi
  4. Hiding car suspension spring in bush or plant pot

The volume and speed of Qi flowing at T-Junction determine the severe of the impact. It is correct to say that, traffic flow do contribute on the flowing of the Qi, but will the Qi flow minimally when there are light traffic on the road?

There are many Feng Shui articles and Feng Shui book said the flow of Qi on the road is like water flow in the river, but is torrent only exist in long river but not in short river?  If it is not true why Qi flowing on longer road create impact to the house where the Qi flowing on shorter road create no impact to the house? Please imagine there are 2 rivers, River-A: 500 meters long with 20 meters width, River-B: 100meter long with 5 meters width,  same amount of water flow though both rivers, which river produce faster flowing water? Of cause water in the River-B flow faster, that‘s nature phenomenon.

I felt ridiculous every time I came across statement that said only the road hits Main Door that create effect to the house, if the road not hits main door it create no effect. May be, Feng Shui master is being thrown with questions why busy road running toward to a house do not create bad effect but instead the tenant still make fortune, then Feng Shui master have to figure out another “reason” to explain why it so. Or, may be the Qi that Feng Shui master said have “eyes” so that Qi can see, recognize and only enter the house through Main Door to influence the tenants?

Sometime we call Feng Shui master as Problem Solver or Solution Provider, they will provide solution or fixes for those house located at T-Junction. One of the cheap and simple solutions or fixes is none the rest hanging a convex BaGua mirror on top of Main Door, they said this convex BaGua mirror will reflect incoming Sha Qi. Well, previously told that imagine Qi is like water flow in the river, but now suddenly Qi become LIGHT form that can be reflected.  Some Feng Shui master even amusing, they might found out using BaGua mirror is not that suitable in Western countries, they suggested to use car suspension springs hidden in a bush or in a tree pot pointing at the incoming road and hope to “reduce” the Sha Qi impact.

Planting trees or shrubs in front of the main door to dissipate Sha Qi is one of the most common remedies, that made me think that there is Feng Shui class said there shouldn’t have any tree in front of the main door, but why in this situation outside main door can have trees?

The other method is to build a wall or fencing to block the door from the road, this is method cost a little bit more money to fix the problem but it take less time. What if I do have 8 feet tall main door, should I build a 8 feet tall wall to block the main door?  If there are some reasons that building wall or fencing is not feasible, relocate the Main Door away from hit directly from the road. May I concluded that, according to such remedies to fix T-Junction house, there is no house located at T-Junction is having bad Feng Shui, since we can shift the main door anytime anywhere, am I right? May be we should ask ourselves a simple question, is Qi started affect the tenants before it entered the house or is Qi started affect the tenants only after entered the house through the main door?

Feng Shui method that I practiced and experiences that I gathered from real life cases:

  1. Qi do not required to enter the house before it gives affect to tenant
  2. Qi do not choose which house to enter which house not to enter
  3. Qi do not choose enter house through the main door or side door
  4. Qi have no qualities of GOOD or BAD, it gives OPPOSITE effect when it fall in Wrong Sector

You do not need to be a Feng Shui master to tell whether your T-Junction house is good Feng Shui or not. If you have downloaded iLiuFa app for iPhone or iPad, it make your life simple. Once you get iLiuFa app run and zoom to your house, tap on your house and wait a pin drop on your house, call out the iLiuFa S8 and it look similar in the pictures below.

If the road junction is fall in GREEN sector as per the picture #1, the junction is considered as HAMFULL to your house. If you tap on the “i” on that particular sector, a pop up list out possible sickness that this junction will bring to your house.  If the road junction is fall in BLUE sector as per picture #2, the junction is considered as NO HARM to your house. If you have no iLiuFa app with you, you can use any Feng Shui LouPan or compass to get the same result.

T-Junction at KanT-Junction at LI

I hope this iLiuFa app able to help peoples to get a better Feng Shui and live better Feng Shui.

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